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Hunting Compound Bow M109 By Junxing--Makes Hunting A Joy

Hunting Compound Bow M109 By Junxing--Makes Hunting A Joy

JUNXING M109 Hunting Compound Bow: it is made of excellent materials and with the advanced technology, applying the design of international standard. It is a multifunctional compound bow to be used both for sports and hunting. Its limbs are made of tillered fiberglass, which makes it play better. The material also ensures good elasticity and longer lasting use, hence avoiding extra expenses for frequent servicing. And its finish makes it suitable for hunting in forests, mountains, etc.

Overview of the JUNXING M109 Hunting Compound Bow 

This is a hunting compound bow that comes with a riser and limbs. The riser is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it strong enough to withstand any kind of weather condition. It has an adjustable draw length and draw weight, so you can easily adjust it according to your needs.

The bow comes with an arrow rest, sight window and stabilizer bushings. It also features a cable guard, which adds more safety to the bow and prevents it from being damaged by the cables.

The JUNXING M109 Hunting Compound Bow is a great choice if you want to shoot in different weather conditions without worrying about its durability.


Features of the JUNXING M109 Hunting Compound Bow 

JUNXING M109 Hunting Compound Bow is a great compound bow that is well-built and provides you with a smooth and accurate shooting experience. It comes with a machined riser and limbs made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy. The bow is also equipped with fully adjustable draw length between 25” - 30” so that you can adjust the draw length to your preferred position.

The bow has an overall length of 35” from axle to axle, which makes it easy for you to transport and carry around without much trouble. 

Another thing that makes this compound bow stand out from others is its efficiency when it comes to energy transfer, which results in higher accuracy and faster arrow speed than other bows at the same price range.Please click here for more information!


Machined Riser & Limbs Made From Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy;

Fully Adjustable Draw Length Between 25" - 30";

Overall Length Of 35" From Axle To Axle

Specifications of the JUNXING M109 Hunting Compound Bow 

Draw Weight: 50 lbs-70 lbs

Draw Length: 27.5”-30”

Arrow Length: 23”-27”

Bow Length: 38"

Package Size: 34 x 7.5 x 6.5 inches approximately

Package Weight: 35 pounds approximately

Draw weight range of 50lb-70lb (the maximum draw weight is not suitable for beginners)

The bow has a length of 38 inches, which can be adjusted from 27.5” to 30” to meet different needs. The arrows are available in 23”-27” length. You can choose according to your shooting form and physical condition.

This is a versatile and powerful hunting compound bow that is well worth the price.

The JUNXING M109 Hunting Compound Bow is a great compound bow for beginners, as well as seasoned hunters. The bow has an overall length of 40 inches and weighs 3.5 pounds.

The draw weight is 50 lbs, which is more than enough to take down any game animal. The bow operates at a speed of 310 feet per second, which means it can easily penetrate even the thickest hides and bones.So if you're ever thinking about giving hunting a try, be sure to check out the JUNXING M109 Hunting Compound Bow!

It comes with two 20-inch arrows and two quivers, which allows you to carry more arrows on your hunting trip.

The JUNXING M109 Hunting Compound Bow also features a few safety features such as an automatic safety system that prevents accidental firing of the bow while unstringing or when it’s not in use. It also has an anti-dry fire mechanism that prevents shooting without an arrow attached to the string; this feature prevents damage to both the bow and yourself or others around you when using this compound bow


FAQS about the JUNXING M109 Hunting Compound Bow 

Q: Why do you recommend this bow?
A: We recommend this bow because it is easy to use, accurate and powerful. It has the right weight and balance for hunting.

Q: What can I use this for?
A: This bow can be used for hunting, target shooting and bow fishing. You can also use it for archery as a sport or hobby.

Q: How much does it weigh?
A: The bow weighs about 3 pounds without an arrow.

Q: How long is the draw length?
A: The draw length is up to 28 inches when fully drawn back with the 60 lb. draw weight.

Q: How far will I be able to shoot my arrows with this bow?
A: You can shoot your arrows up to 30 meters (98 feet) away at full power!

Q: What are some of its features?
A: The JUNXING M109 Hunting Compound Bow comes with a quiver, sight, stabilizer and sight along with other accessories that make it easy-to-use and versatile!

JUNXING M109 Hunting Compound Bow 














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