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QWhat is Junxing M108?

AJunxing M108 is a compound bow offered by King Archery. It has a draw weight of 108 pounds and is made of black walnut with maple limbs. The bow comes with an octagonal riser, 3-inch draw length, and 56 inches overall length. The strings are 30-pound synthetic, and the bow can be registered in both United States and China.

QFeatures of the Junxing M110 Compound Bow

AThe Junxing M110 Compound Bow is a powerful compound bow that allows for accurate shooting. It features an aluminum frame with a riser and limbs, making it durable. The draw weight can be adjusted, and the bow can also be fitted with a quiver. The Junxing M110 Compound Bow is perfect for those who want to shoot accurately and efficiently.

QApplications of Junxing M108

AJunxing M108 is a compound bow that is made in China. It has a draw weight of 108 pounds and an arrow speed of 295 feet per second. This bow can be used for hunting, target shooting, and archery competitions.

QJunxing M110 compound bow specifications

AThe application of the junxing M110 compound bow is perfect for any type of hunter. With its light weight and fast draw, this bow is a great choice for both novice and experienced hunters.

QHow to Apply Junxing M108?

A1. Measure your height and draw weight. 2. Choose the right size Junxing M108 bowstring. 3. Start by adjusting the bowstrings’ loops until they are snug but not too tight. 4. If necessary, adjust the bow height by adding or removing Allen screws (not included). 5. Test your shooting position and get used to the feel of the Junxing M108 before heading out to shoot arrows.

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