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Junxing F179 Recurve Bow – A High Quality Recurve Bow

Junxing F179 Recurve Bow – A High Quality Recurve Bow

The Junxing F179 recurve bow is a powerful, smooth shooting and accurate recurve bow. It's rather light for a recurve bow, and it has a high quality durable finish. It's priced right, and you shouldn't have any trouble hitting the target at distances of 20 or so yards.

A Comparison Of A Compound Bow And Junxing F179 Recurve Bow

Junxing F179 Recurve bow

This is a traditional bow, which means that it has the same design as bows used by ancient archers. It has been around for thousands of years and is still in use today. The Junxing F179 Recurve bow is a compound bow made from high quality materials and features an impressive draw weight of 35 lbs. The draw length is 20 inches, which makes it ideal for beginners as well as experienced archers. If you want to know more, please click here.

Compound Bow

A compound bow is another type of traditional bow that has been around since ancient times. It uses cams, cables and pulleys to increase its power output while reducing its draw weight. A compound bow’s draw weight can range from 30 to 60 lbs depending on the model you choose to purchase. The Junxing F179 Recurve bow and the compound bow both have their pros and cons, but when comparing them side by side there are some clear differences between these two types of bows:

Cost – Compound bows are more expensive than Junxing F179 Recurve bows because they require more technology and manufacturing processes than traditional bows do; however, they also provide more power which means that you will be able to shoot

The Best Features Of The Junxing F179 Bow

The Junxing F179 Recurve Bow is a new model from the company, and it's one of their most popular bows. The bow is made of high-quality materials and has many great features. In this review I'm going to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of using this recurve bow for hunting or target archery.

The Junxing F179 Bow Features

The following are some of the features that make this bow so appealing:

Lightweight design - At only 3 pounds, this bow is easy to carry around all day long. It's also made of strong carbon fiber material that helps reduce weight without sacrificing strength. This makes for a perfect hunting bow because you can use it for hours at a time without getting tired or feeling fatigued by carrying it around all day long.

Great craftsmanship - The Junxing F179 Recurve Bow is made in Taiwan with top quality materials, which ensures maximum durability and reliability over time. The draw weight can be adjusted from 25 lbs all the way up to 60 lbs, which is perfect for both beginners and experienced archers alike.

Adjustable draw length - You can adjust your draw length from 26" all the way up to 30", which

What Makes This Bow A Cut Above The Rest?

Ask yourself this question: What makes a bow a cut above the rest? You'll get your answer.

This bow is made with a new, improved carbon riser technology that allows for more adjustability and flexibility in the limbs. This means you can customize your draw weight and length to fit your height and shooting style perfectly!

The limbs are made out of premium quality carbon fiber which results in an extremely lightweight bow that's easy to draw and hold on target. The carbon fiber also makes the limbs more durable than typical wooden bows.

The S3 features a new, innovative cam system that gives you more control over your arrow trajectory than ever before. You have 4 different cams to choose from (including one for hunting), so you can dial in exactly what feels right for you!

You'll love the smooth draw cycle on this bow as well as its excellent letoff at 60% which allows you to shoot comfortably without having to pull too hard.


Junxing F179 Recurve Bow Design

Junxing F179 Recurve Bow is the lastest design of the traditional Junxing Archery. The Junxing Recurve Bows is a good choice for archery, and archery fans. With our high production technology, exquisite workmanship and perfect after-sale service and support, our bows are widely used in all over the world.  Because of our high quality, sturdy material, colorful structure, attractive appearance and reasonable price, our bows have been widely praised by more and more people in the world.

Junxing Recurve Bow Features:

The length of this bow can be adjusted at any time according to your needs;

This model features a simple but elegant design that will look great with any outfit;

The bow has a maximum draw weight of 50 pounds;

The overall weight of this recurve is 2 pounds;

The Junxing F179 recurve bow is a great quality bow at a fair price.

The Junxing F179 is a great quality bow at a fair price. Many experienced archers would recommend it to anyone who is considering purchasing their first bow. The bow is lightweight and comes in two different draw weights: 50 pounds and 60 pounds. Its frame is made of aluminum alloy, which means the bow will be more durable and weather resistant than traditional wooden bows.

The Junxing F179 is available with either a right-handed or left-handed grip. This means that you can use the bow whether you are right-handed or left-handed. The sight window on the Junxing F179 has a 1/4" peep sight, which makes aiming easier for beginners who are unfamiliar with this type of equipment. To learn more, click here!

The Junxing F179 recurve bow comes equipped with an adjustable string stopper, so you can fine tune your draw length from 12 to 29 inches (30 to 74 cm). It also has an adjustable arrow rest that allows you to adjust the angle at which your arrows sit when they are not being used (this helps prevent them from falling off). There are also several other features that make this model one of the best recurve bows for beginners:

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