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The Junxing M128 Archery Compound Bow – A Perfect Starter Bow

The Junxing M128 Archery Compound Bow – A Perfect Starter Bow

Are you a beginner looking to get an affordable compound bow? Look no further. The JunXing M128 compound bow is perfect for those who are starting out. There are many things that surprised me with this bow because of the price, but on the whole it's a well-made and fun bow to shoot or hunt with. If you want to know more, please click here.


Purpose Of The Junxing M128 Compound Bow

Compound bows are probably that best invention in archery. They're not just easier to use they're also more powerful than traditional bows. The reason why they've massively gained popularity among archers all over the world is that they offer so much more benefits than recurve or longbow bows. Another great thing about them is that they're also much faster and easier to use than crossbows and have a longer effective range since you don't need a lot of power for loading the arrow, which means you can hit targets from a longer distance. I was initially fascinated by their design, which allows the archer to correct the aim even after making the shot. However, my interest grew as I learned about their main components, construction and other useful features. I sincerely hope that this Junxing M128 compound bow review will be able to assist you with your purchasing decision!

Performance Of The Bow

I've just recently tested the Junxing M128 Archery Compound Bow. Not only was I interested in shooting accuracy, speed and reliability, but I was also curious about manufacturing quality, pricing, and customer service. Here is a summary of my findings.

At 10 yards (the maximum distance for our test), I was able to shoot an average of 0.5 inch grouping on a standard 3D target with factory-supplied arrows (which were good). This is comparable to other compound bows that we have reviewed on this site.

I also tested the bow at 20 yards (the minimum distance for our test) using arrows that were not supplied by Junxing, but rather by another manufacturer (Easton). At this distance, my groupings were around 2 inches wide or less. While this isn't exactly competition-worthy accuracy, it's certainly acceptable for hunting or target practice purposes and I don't believe there are many other products out there that can beat it at this price point.

The bow itself feels very solid and well built — much better than what you'd expect from a $200 bow! It has many features found on more expensive models such as an adjustable draw length and trigger pull weight adjustments as well as


Accessory Options

The Junxing M128 Archery Compound Bow is made of high-quality aluminium alloy and composite material, as well as equipped with dual cam design to ensure accuracy and shooting speed. It tested at powerful force and solid structure, making it a must-have hunting gear for everyone!

The bow is very easy to assemble as it comes in one piece. All you need to do is attach the strings, string guards, stabilizer, sight and quiver.

The bow has an adjustable draw length from 25'' to 30''. You can adjust it by using the limb bolts on both sides of the riser.

The riser is made of high-quality aluminium alloy material which makes it durable and lightweight. It's also anodized for better resistance against scratches, impact and corrosion.

The limbs use a dual cam system that provides a smooth draw cycle with little noise produced during shooting. This will help you concentrate on your target rather than worrying about any mechanical issues with your bow.

Bow Speed And Draw Weight Ranges

Junxing M128 is a compound bow with a draw weight range from 20 to 118 lbs and a speed of 235 fps. You'll find that Junxing is an excellent choice for traditional archers and hunters who want great value.

The M128 has a full camber design with power, comfort, and forgiveness in mind. With its solid riser construction, it offers great balance and stability for all types of archers. It also comes with a sleek, high-performance riser design that provides excellent balance and stability for all types of archers. The M128 comes with fully adjustable single-cam system that allows you to easily adjust the draw length from 24" - 30", making it perfect for shooters of all sizes.

The M128 features an efficient parallel limb design that produces fast speeds while reducing vibration and noise at full draw. It also comes equipped with anti-vibration D-loops for maximum comfort during those long days in the field or on the range! To learn more about Junxing M128 Archery Compound Bow, you can click here.

There are many factors that go into choosing the right compound bow. Draw weight, let-off, cam system and speed are just a few of these. The arrows you use also play a role in how well you shoot.

Draw Weight

Draw weight is the amount of force needed to pull your bowstring back to full draw. It's measured in pounds or kilograms. Most bows have a range of draw weights from 30 pounds to 70 pounds.


The speed of an arrow is measured in feet per second (fps). The faster it goes, the better accuracy you'll have at longer distances and the less energy it takes for long shots.

Junxing M128 Features

The Junxing M128 is a compound bow with a draw weight range from 20 to 118 lbs and a speed of 235 fps. This is an excellent choice for traditional archers and hunters who want great value. The Junxing M128 features a split limb design, which reduces vibration and improves accuracy. The cams on this bow are machined from solid steel for durability and reliability. The draw length can be adjusted from 26" to 30", which gives you plenty of room to find the perfect fit for your needs and body type. The riser on this model has been reinforced with aluminum to ensure that it's strong enough to handle the heavy draw weights without bending or breaking under pressure.

Advantages Of The Junxing M128 Archery Compound Bow

The Junxing M128 archery compound bow has some great advantages:

Stable, solid and accurate. This is the most important feature of the compound bow. A good compound bow will not only help you to improve your skills but also make it easier for you to learn how to shoot accurately.

Low price. As I said before, if you don't practice enough then no matter what kind of equipment you use, it won't make any difference. So why pay a ton of money for a compound bow that shoots hundreds of FPS if you're not even going to practice with it enough to grow in your skill level? The goal when choosing a bow and arrow set is to be able to shoot accurately at 20-25 meters after spending time practicing at home. If you can't practice enough you won't see much improvement no matter how fancy your equipment is. To learn more, click here!


1. It's very stable, solid and accurate.

2. Low price is what I am most impressed with.


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