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JUNXING M128 Hunting Bow -- Best Target Shooting Hunting Bow

JUNXING M128 Hunting Bow -- Best Target Shooting Hunting Bow

Looking for a good hunting bow to start your hunting trip? What about finding the best compound hunting bow for target shooting? I suggest that if you're looking for something new, then try the JUNXING M128 Hunting Bow which is better than other bows in terms of performance and price.

The JUNXING M128 Hunting Bow is one of the most accurate recurve bows on the market and features a fiberglass, carbon, and wood construction. This bow provides excellent stability and is perfect for hunting with an 80% let-off for target practice. This Hunting Bow includes Foam Padded Quiver, sight, 2 set arrows, finger tab and arm guard.

Introduction of JUNXING M128 hunting bow

The JUNXING M128 is a mechanical compound bow with a 80 lbs. draw force. It takes the same approach to being portable as other high-quality compound bows, however. The design allows for easy takedown and storage, making it great for those who need a quick way to carry their equipment from place to place. In addition, users can adjust the draw length and weight of the JUNXING M128 based on their preference to ensure that their level of accuracy is never compromised.

The JUNXING M128 is a high-quality hunting bow that provides many different options for its target audience. Its versatility makes it suitable for beginners or seasoned hunters alike, as well as people who are simply looking to take up archery as a hobby.


History of Jun Hing M128 Hunting Bow

The Jun Hing M128 Hunting Bow has been around for centuries and is widely used by hunters and military personnel worldwide. This powerful bow was originally developed in China as a way to provide food for the villagers. It is an ancient weapon that is still being used today. The Jun Hing M128 Hunting Bow has a long history behind it, dating back thousands of years ago.

The Jun Hing M128 Hunting Bow first came into existence in China during the Han Dynasty (202 BC–220 AD). It was first used as a weapon during this time period, but over time it became more commonly used for hunting purposes instead of fighting battles. The bow itself is made from bamboo which makes it very lightweight and easy to use. It does not take up much space either so it can easily be stored away if needed to be taken somewhere else for storage purposes or transportation purposes as well

The Jun Hing M128 Hunting Bow was created using bamboo because it was easy to find during this time period due to how plentiful it was in China at that time. When it comes down to choosing what material should be used when creating something like this, there are many different options available depending on what type of material you want your product made out of. If you want to know more, please click here.


Junxing M128 hunting bow specifications:

-Draw weight: 20~80lbs

-DRAW LENGTH: 26"~30"

-Limb: High strength carbon fiber composite limbs, aluminum alloy parts, high quality cams and other components.

-Brace height: 7.5"~8.5"

-Color: black/red/blue/golden.

Pros and cons of JUNXING M128 hunting bow


1. JUNXING M128 is a high quality hunting bow.

2. This bow is very durable and can be used for a long time without any problems happening to it.

3. The price of this hunting bow is very reasonable and anyone can afford it easily.

4. It is easy to use as well as easy to assemble and disassemble when not in use.


1. The draw weight of M128 is quite high which makes it difficult for beginners who are not familiar with how to use bows to use this bow efficiently.


Finally, a bow you don't need to pull back hundreds of pounds in order to launch an arrow. Thanks to the combination of innovative engineering, top-quality materials and ingenuity, JUNXING M128 Hunting Bow offers both the comfort of a compound bow and the power of a recurve. To learn more, click here!

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