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Junxing F179 Recurve Bow - A Great Hunting Compound Bow to own?

Junxing F179 Recurve Bow - A Great Hunting Compound Bow to own?


Junxing F179 Recurve Bow is a must-have for you at hunting, it can help you to hit the target accurately up to 24-28 yards. The bow is suitable for both adults and kids. If you are looking for a serious recurve bow to hunt, then you will find this bow is an ideal choice.

What Is The Junxing F179 Recurve Bow?

The Junxing F179 Recurve Bow is one of the best recurve bows in the market. It is designed to give you a great shooting experience, whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter. The bow comes with a lot of features that make it stand out from other bows in the market.

The Junxing F179 is made using only quality materials and has been tested for durability before being sent to consumers. It is also easy to use, which makes it suitable for beginners who want to learn how to shoot a bow. To learn more about Junxing  F179 Recurve Bow, please click here!

Why Choose Junxing F179 Recurve Bow?

Junxing F179 Recurve Bow is a great choice for beginners who are learning archery. It is inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to use. It comes with everything you need to get started including arrows and targets. This bow can be used indoors or outside, which makes it a versatile tool. The draw weight is 50 lbs., which is perfect for people who are just getting started or those who are not strong enough to draw heavier bows. It has a length of 67 inches with a speed rating of 310 FPS, making it ideal for hunting small game such as rabbits and squirrels.

The Junxing F179 Recurve Bow is made from aluminum alloy materials that make it lightweight but still durable enough to handle the rigors of archery practice and hunting expeditions. The bow features a sight window and arrow rest for accuracy when shooting at targets or animals in the wild. To ensure that this bow will last for years, it comes with an adjustable forearm brace that provides extra stability when shooting at close distances as well as an ergonomic grip handle that makes it comfortable to hold onto during long periods of time without strain on the hand

Advantages of the Junxing F179 Recurve Bow

It has a fast speed that enables it to shoot arrows at a great distance. The speed is also effective in hitting targets accurately. This makes it ideal for hunting purposes or competitions where you need to hit your target from a distance. To learn more, please click here!

The weight of the bow can be adjusted depending on the weight of the individual who will use it. This makes it possible for anyone to use it comfortably without straining their muscles while shooting arrows at distances greater than 20 meters away from targets.

The bow can be used by both adults and children since it has an adjustable draw length ranging between 15 inches and 25 inches, which can accommodate almost every user regardless of age or gender.

FAQS about the Junxing F179 Recurve Bow

Q: What size of arrow do I need for this bow?

A: The Junxing F179 Recurve Bow is designed for a 23-inch arrow.

Q: Does this come with a case?

A: No, but you can find some on Amazon that will fit it perfectly.

Q: What are the advantages of this bow?

A: The Junxing F179 Recurve Bow has many advantages including its lightweight design and its durability. You can travel with this bow without any problems because it is easy to carry around in your backpack or suitcase. It also has a rubber grip that allows you to shoot at your full potential without worrying about losing your grip while shooting. This bow also comes with a string silencer so that you don't have to worry about making any noise when shooting at targets or animals. For more information, visit our website!

Junxing  F179 Recurve Bow

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